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First, allow me to offer my heartfelt thanks for your continued business.

For more than forty years, we have crafted and sold system kitchens, system bathrooms, vanity units, and other related products.

For over 50 years we have crafted and sold system kitchens, system bathrooms, and bathroom vanity units. In 2013, we changed our company name to Toclas, and thanks to your patronage, will begin our fifth financial year in April. Although lifestyles have become more convenient in recent years, thanks mainly to innovations in IT, society is increasingly faced with the problems brought about by the dilution of contact between people. The maturity of a society can be measured not just by progress in convenience and functionality, but also by the importance that people place on the level of comfort in their lives. Furthermore, I believe that every perceived desire on the part of our customers to express their identities in their lifestyles represents a new theme for us to address. We at Toclas are dedicated to achieving greater understanding of, and insights into our customers than ever before, and I think that it is vitally important for us to take a customer-first approach to meeting these new needs. As implied by our very name "Toclas," (which comes from the Japanese expression "to kurasu," which means "to live with"), we wish to maintain long-term relationships with each and every one of our customers, as we endeavor to create industry-leading values as only we can do. I sincerely hope that you will continue to use our products in future.

Ryo Sasaki

Chief Executive Officer