Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Company name Toclas Corporation
Headquarters location 1370 Nishiyama-cho, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka
Capital 1,122,040,000 yen
History October 1, 1991   Yamaha Livingtec Corporation established
April 1, 1992         Operations begin
October 1, 2013    Name changed to Toclas Corporation
Employees 669 (As at April 1,2018)
Business Production and sale of household fittings, with the goal of leveraging unique design, planning, and strengths in integration to offer comprehensive proposals for living spaces.
Principal products Kitchens (Japan)
Bathrooms (Japan)
Vanity units (Japan)
Water purifiers (Japan/Indonesia)

Directors/Corporate Auditors

President, Representative Director Ryo Sasaki
Director Kazuhiro Koizumi
Director (Outside) Itaru Ozaki
Director (Outside) Masayuki Hirose
Director (Outside) Takafumi Nakamura
Corporate Auditor (Fulltime) Hideki Horikoshi
Corporate Auditor (Outside) Eisyu Taketa

Executive officers

Senior Executive Officer Masaru Shirakawa
Executive Officer Takashi Nonaka
Executive Officer Yasuo Sugimori
Executive Officer Kazuyuki Ichikawa
Executive Officer Takeshi Kuze
Executive Officer Naoto Miyazaki
Executive Officer Masayuki Futamura
Executive Officer Masafumi Miyazawa
Executive Officer Noriyuki Sakashita
Executive Officer Akihiro Kitagawa
Executive Officer Kimihito Tanaka
Executive Officer Kentaro Kishi